Behind the scenes: Lets Dance8 2011



On pictures:

  1. Bobby Oduncu and Sibel Redzep
  2. Iabel Edvardsson and Ann Wilson
  3. Figge Norling and Oksana Spichak
  4. Jessica Andersson and Krisjan Lootus
  5. Anna Book

Behind the scenes: Big Brother Sweden premiere.. again

On the pictures:

  1. Big Brother studio
  2. Gry Forsell
  3. Anton Glanseliuz, Gry Forsell and Pelle Porseryd
  4. Two participants going in to the house

Let’s Dance 2011, Program 4

Again some pictures that didn’t find it’s way to the TV-audience.

Behind the scenes: Let’s Dance 2011

Some pictures from behind the scenes of Let’s Dance 2011 that you don’t get to see on TV.

Boom cams doing some flirting

It’s not just the dancers in Lets Dance 2011 that flirts. Even the cameras seem to have some feeling.