One flight night in Bangkok

First FPV flight with my new Hexacopter from Daniel Johansson on Vimeo.


There will be more of pics and movies from this angle now. Hope you will like it.

Pulsjet scooter at Orsa Speed weekend 2013

More pictures and video will come later from this event.

Moviepremiere: Åsa-Nisse

In these pictures:

  1. Sissela Kyle
  2. Kjell Bergqvist
  3. Henrik Dorsin
  4. Johan Glans
  5. Tomas Norström
  6. Mikael Segerström

Stockholm International Film Festival 2010

Face2face with both Holly Hunter and Gus van Sant.

Holly Hunter is the jury president at the Stockholm International Film Festival 2010.

Gus van Sant was rewarded with the Stockholm Visionary Award.