Behind the scenes: Big Brother Sweden premiere.. again

On the pictures:

  1. Big Brother studio
  2. Gry Forsell
  3. Anton Glanseliuz, Gry Forsell and Pelle Porseryd
  4. Two participants going in to the house

M-magasin: Årets MAPPIE

In above pictures:

  1. Zinat Pirzadeh
  2. Annika Östbert
  3. Grynet Mollvig
  4. Overview
  5. Maud olofsson, Anna Maria Corazza Bildt
  6. Winners of all awards of 2010

Moviepremiere: Åsa-Nisse

In these pictures:

  1. Sissela Kyle
  2. Kjell Bergqvist
  3. Henrik Dorsin
  4. Johan Glans
  5. Tomas Norström
  6. Mikael Segerström

Movie Premiere: Trassel

In these pictures:

  1. Molly Sandén
  2. Måns Zelmerlöw
  3. Marie Serneholt
  4. Josefin Crafoord
  5. Anton Abele
  6. Gert & Tanja Fylking

Let’s Dance 2011, Program 4

Again some pictures that didn’t find it’s way to the TV-audience.